Warcraft logo_ROAP

This project has only a code name since the beginning ("8r" during Reign of Chaos, then "TFT10r" since The Frozen Throne release, then "TFT10rp" when the race choose menu has been implemented). It is known as "TFT10rp" and so, this code name will remain, but I wanted to find an "official name", more simple, more attractive.

I finally chosed "Rebirth of Ancient Peoples".

"Rebirth" can bee seen as a rebirth of Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne (this mod is born in 2003 but will be released in 2018, so more than 15 years after TFT release...). "Ancient Peoples" refers to most of the races of this mod : Dwarves, Skeletons, Nerubians, Nagas... Some of them are not really "ancient", like the Ambushors, but it does not matter :)

I created a new logo, so we can believe it is a new add-on for Warcraft III !